Let’s say we want to download the T1 weighted image, T2 weighted image, and FLAIR image, from a subject in the PACTMD study. This subject was scanned on the CAMH scanner. We’re going to download the data from the first session of subject 0110004.

From the home page, we select the PACTMD study, the subject PACTMD_CMH_0110004_01_01, and then the first (and only) session for that subject:

On the right hand bar, we select download, and then download images:

Here we select our output file type (.zip), the series we want (T1, T2, and FLAIR), and finally click download:

The DICOM files selected will be in the archive saved to your computer. You might need a program to ‘unzip’ your data such as WinZip for Windows or UnRarX for Mac.